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Short stories for kids
(& cool grown-ups):

The Reluctant Pumpkin

Murdoch the Blue-haired Ex-elf

The Son of Santa Claus

The Elusive Easter Egg

Goose or Gobbler?

Anatomy of a Scarecrow

It's Just a Ghost Story, so don't let it Scare You

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Short stories and
non-fiction nuggets
for adults:

The Tourniquet

1116 Cemetery Lane

One E-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y Learns Why

Hers in Seconds

The Uniqueness of the Human Face
(my essay at an essay)

The Inconvenience of Anonymity

Second Impressions

A Trick of Light

Good Name Gone Bad

Cuba 1956 Before Castro (My Parents' Experience)

Personal Crohn's disease breakthrough

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Published articles

My novel:

"And the Young Devour Themselves"

Personal library for sale
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Notice these things when buying a house
Notice these things when buying a house

Grandpa's 1930's perpetual motion invention
Gramps' 1930's perp-
etual motion invention

My bathroom makeover
My (orange!) bathroom makeover

Marx Toys
Marx Toys

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