Coolest Quarterbacks in NFL History:

Books by their covers

These are my choices for the coolest NFL quarterbacks in history. See if you recall any of them.

1. Ken Stabler
The Snake was so cool with that sidearm, lefthanded gun of his. Off the field he could party with the best of them. That easy southern accent didn't hurt either.

2. Joe Kapp
"Injun Joe" was tough as nails running the old quarterback sneak.

3. Joe Namath
They didn't call him "Broadway Joe" for nothing - he loved his broads! But he did have lousy legs in more ways than one.

4. Bobby Layne
Talk about a partier! Or is it all legendary? Give me some stories, people.

5. Don Meredith
The heart and humor of any huddle. Dandy Don Meredith, Jeff and Hazels' baby boy out of Mount Vernon, Texas, wore many hats. Coach Tom Landry said he was the toughest player he ever knew. Don also enjoyed a cold pitcher of Lipton Tea. It's said he couldn't win the big game, but it was for no lack of effort on Don's part.

6. Billy Kilmer
He didn't throw a very pretty pass, but you have to tip your hat to Billy for having as much fun as anybody out there.

7. Sonny Jurgensen
Talk about a wobbly pass. Can't believe a Dallas Cowboys fan has two Redskins on here. Ah, but they both had and have my ultimate respect. No rivalries like that anymore.

8. George Blanda
Cool in the clutch with his kicks, even when he was about 100 years old, or at least seemed so.

9. Bart Starr
He wasn't called "Bart the Cool" for nothing. (I used to have that book.) Who was cooler in big games?

10. Daryle Lamonica
Three Oakland Raiders on here?! Must be something about the silver and black. But anyone with the nickname of "The Mad Bomber" has to be cool in my book. Man, did he pile up some yardage and TD passes!

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