Sexiest News Babes

XXXXXMelissa Lee

XXXXXErin Burnett

XXXXXKiran Chetry

XXXXXNatasha Curry

XXXXXLaurie Dhue

XXXXXBetty Nguyen

XXXXXNorah O'Donnell

XXXXXChristi Paul

XXXXXBrooke Baldwin


Coupons For Bulk Buying!

1950s Pin-up Girls
1950's pin-up girls

Favorite Sports Cards
My Favorite Sports Cards

Personal library for sale
Be much cooler: read the books I've read

Notice these things when buying a house
Notice these things when buying a house

Grandpa's 1930's perpetual motion invention
Gramps' 1930's perp-
etual motion invention

My bathroom makeover
My (orange!) bathroom makeover

Marx Toys
Marx Toys

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