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Nicole Castrale
In her cap, Nicole Castrale is just another cute golfer on the LPGA; but if you catch her with her hair down, you realize she can run with any of the other LPGA babes. Good luck catching her though, because at 5'8", she has the long legs of any thoroughbred!

Paula Creamer
Paula Creamer is the most exquisite creature on the LPGA &, in my opinion, she has the best personality, too - always ready with her killer grin.

Natalie Gulbis
Natalie Gulbis is probably the Queen bee of the LPGA. They say she has an extra vertebra in her back, & that may lend to her statuesqueness. As confident & poised as a supermodel, she walks gracefully about the course. Her impeccable smile can light up any rainy day of golf.

Cristie Kerr
Cristie Kerr is so methodical in how she handles herself on the course. She methodically goes through her pre-shot routine (lining up the shot, etc.) with absolute precision, rather like an assassin piecing together his sniper rifle & scope, getting ready to take out his target . . . and Cristie's aim is every bit as deadly. She is the "Beautiful Assassin" of the LPGA.

Mi Hyun Kim
Mi Hyun Kim is tiny, so tiny, she's affectionately called "Peanut." I don't know, but I would say she is probably one of the favorites of the other golfers on the LPGA, just because she's so doggone cute. A year or two ago, she had a tournament sewn up, so as she marched up the 18th fairway, the crowd began to give her a worthy ovation. She then took her club & sort of brandished it over her head as a salute to the fans & then bowed to the crowd very elegantly. It was quite charming. She also donated a huge chunk of tournament winnings to tornado victims here in the US, just to give something back, since she has received so much from the US. Mi Hyun Kim is the class of the LPGA & a multi-time winner.

Brittany Lincicome

Grace Park
Ah, when will Grace Park get back to her championship form? It has been years now that she has been trying to overcome nagging injuries. She has had a few good rounds this year, so let's keep our fingers crossed. I want her to get back on top so she can get more camera time on televised LPGA events. The class of the circuit, Grace Park has a graceful way of walking and carrying herself that simply screams out: "I own this place!" Good luck, Good Grace!

Stacy Prammanasudh
As cute as any young lady on the LPGA, Stacy Prammanasudh has the coolest name this side of Virada Nirapathpongporn.

Morgan Pressel
A striking, Nordic-looking blond who would stand out in any century, Morgan Pressel is one of those lucky girls who seems to look even better as every week passes. She likes to wear very short shirt sleeves to show off her smooth, creamy-white biceps. With all the emotion of passionate youth, she can be ecstatic one moment, and in tears in the next; she is the Golden Girl of the LPGA.

Michelle Wie

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