Crushes I had on TV Babes
in the 60's & 70's

These are the television girls I had a crush on growing up in the 1960's & 1970's. As I look back on them now, I am not embarrassed by any of them, & I showed the good taste & sense I still have today . . . where TV babes are concerned, anyhow.

Marcia Brady
Marcia Brady was just so perfect (& if you don't believe me, just ask Jan Brady). Marcia Brady was the first girl I ever noticed wearing panthose; it was on The Brady Bunch, & I was hooked from then on.

Mary Tyler Moore
In her prime, on the Dick Van Dyke Show, Mary Tyler Moore had as sexy legs as anyone. Like Dad used to say, "She had a lot going for her."

Julie Newmar
Used to watch her in Batman reruns after school, her Catwoman suit painted on her & those long cat claws . . .

Tina Louise
When it came to Gilligan's Island & that eternal question, I was a Ginger boy, indeed.

Sally Struthers
What a taut body on her way back when in All in the Family; I understand she has since let herself go somewhat . . .

Loretta Swit
Nobody filled out a sweater, T-shirt or britches the way Hot Lips Houlihan did on MASH.

Karen Valentine
That girl-next-door face & cleft chin were irresistible on Room 222.

Linda Cristal
As feminine a woman as ever drew breath, the senora of High Chaparral ranch was a cool drink of water in that desert hardscrabble.

Patricia Blair
She looked so much like Rhonda Fleming, she has to be on this list. Remember her as the buxom wife on the Daniel Boone show & earlier on The Rifleman? She's from my hometown, as was Fess Parker.

Kathy Garver
Miss Sissy from Family Affair. There was just something about her; not sure what.

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