The Son of Santa Claus

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It might come as a surprise to you to discover that Santa and Mrs. Claus have a son. Well, they do, and his name is Nicholas Claus Junior. He goes by Nick.

Unlike some children when they are growing up, Nick never lacked for toys. All year long, as Santa's workshop became filled with all the toys the elves made, Nick was allowed to play with all of them he wanted to; in fact, he was made the official toy tester.

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That was how it was. And if you think Willie Wonka had it pretty nice in that neato chocolate factory of his, then you ought to consider for a moment what Nick's childhood at the North Pole was like. Imagine, every toy ever invented at your disposal!

You would think such a childhood would be like heaven to a child, huh? Well, it wasn't. How can I explain it to you? Let's see. . . .

Okay, I think I know how to explain it. What is your favorite food to eat? (Mine is hamburgers.) Now just imagine what it would be like if you had to eat that favorite food of yours three times a day, every day. You might think: "Oh, that would be wonderful!"; but I promise you, if you really had to do it--even if it were hamburgers--you would become sick and tired of it, and probably after only a couple of weeks.

The Son of Santa Claus image

Anyway, that's sort of like what happened to Nick; only with Nick, it was toys--he became sick and tired of toys.

Santa was surprised to learn that Nick had become sick of toys. He wanted his son to be happy, so Santa thought the problem over for a few days and then came up with a solution: Santa made his son Tooth Fairy!

Yes, the son of Santa Claus, Nick Claus, is now Tooth Fairy. And since Nick was tired of cold weather, too, he moved down to Florida and does his Tooth Fairy duties for all the Gulf Coast states. (Other Tooth Fairies take care of the rest of the world, of course--Nick can't be expected to do everything!)

Anyway, that's why none of your favorite toys are ever missing whenever the Tooth Fairy has visited your room in the middle of the night and traded you money for the tooth beneath your pillow. If you don't believe me, just check and see if all of your toys are still in your room the next time you have been visited by the Tooth Fairy. I bet they will be. Good night ... and sleep tight ... knowing your toys will be safe.
"Murdoch the Blue-haired Ex-elf"
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