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If you like sexy pin-up girls from the 1950's, this is the pin-ups page for you.
On these dozens of pages you will find hundreds of leggy, buxom bombshells, from super-
stars like Cyd Charisse & goddess Hedy Lamarr, to B-Movie stars from
Allison Hayes to Mari Blanchard, to strippers & Burlesque dancers from
busty Tempest Storm to lithe Lili St. Cyr.

Debra Paget
debra paget image 40debra paget image 41debra paget image 42debra paget image 43

debra paget image 44debra paget image 45debra paget image 46debra paget image 47

Anita Ekberg
anita ekberg image 53anita ekberg image 54anita ekberg image 55anita ekberg image 56

anita ekberg image 57anita ekberg image 58anita ekberg image 59anita ekberg image 60

Gwen Caldwell
gwen caldwell photo 5

gwen caldwell photo 9

Martine Carol
martine carol photo

martine carol photo

Yvonne De Carlo
yvonne de carlo image 9yvonne de carlo image 10yvonne de carlo image 11yvonne de carlo image 12

yvonne de carlo image 13yvonne de carlo image 14yvonne de carlo image 15yvonne de carlo image 16

Eve Meyer
eve meyer image 6eve meyer image 7eve meyer image 8eve meyer image 9

eve meyer image 10eve meyer image 11eve meyer image 12eve meyer image 13

Dorian Dennis
dorian dennis image 16 dorian dennis image 17 dorian dennis image 18 dorian dennis image 19

dorian dennis image 20 dorian dennis image 21 dorian dennis image 22 dorian dennis image 23

Arlene Dahl
arlene dahl image 42arlene dahl image 43arlene dahl image 44arlene dahl image 45

arlene dahl image 46arlene dahl image 47arlene dahl image 48arlene dahl image 49

Ava Gardner
ava gardner image 65ava gardner image 66ava gardner image 67ava gardner image 68

ava gardner image 69ava gardner image 70ava gardner image 71ava gardner image 72

Irish McCalla
irish mccalla image 19irish mccalla image 20irish mccalla image 21irish mccalla image 22

irish mccalla image 23irish mccalla image 24irish mccalla image 25irish mccalla image 26

Elaine Stewart

Mamie Van Doren
mamie van doren image 50mamie van doren image 51mamie van doren image 52mamie van doren image 53

mamie van doren image 54mamie van doren image 55mamie van doren image 56mamie van doren image 57

Evelyn West

Esther Williams
esther williams image 33esther williams image 34esther williams image 35esther williams image 36

esther williams image 37esther williams image 38esther williams image 39esther williams image 40

Diana Dors
diana dors image 22diana dors image 23diana dors image 24diana dors image 25

diana dors image 26diana dors image 27diana dors image 28diana dors image 29
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Notice these things when buying a house

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