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Increase Traffic by Relating your
Website to an Auction Niche

Increasing traffic to your website is easy when you relate it to an Ebay auction niche. Here's how I did it.

I had created a for-fun-only Art IQ Test online (which, by the way, is the #3 Google search result for "art i.q. test," as of 08/28/13), in which you click through various art masterpieces, thus answering a posed question about that piece of art, until you reach the end of the test & are given your results.

Once I had my page finished, I put Google Adsense links at the top of the final page of the site, & will soon include an Ebay affiliate link pointing to, for instance, an "Art for Dummies" book, thus giving me two potential revenue streams on the same page.

My page complete, it was time to find a way to relate it to an Ebay niche. I went to & clicked "BUY" at the top right of the page, which led me to all the Ebay categories (AKA "niches"). Then I clicked "ART," then "direct from the artist," then "Paintings." That link gave me results for all the artists who listed their paintings on Ebay - jackpot! It was time to get busy by making a new page on which I would feature those artists I liked best.

My new page showed, for each artist, a thumbnail image of his/her work, an Ebay affiliate text link to her auctions (thus giving me a third potential revenue stream on this project) & a link to her website.

The page done, I then emailed each artist I had included, informing them of my webpage with their artwork on it & the links to their auctions & websites. Then I gave them the option of placing on their main websites a link back to my Art IQ Test, thus completing this clever circle. As a further enticement to them, I told them that my first positive response offering to link back to me would get them the top link spot, though I kept the option of flipping the links around whenever I chose to in the future. (I try to remember to check their links now & then to be sure they are still in business, because it's never a good idea to have a bunch of dead links on one's page.) I expanded this idea by making a further page devoted to sculptors. The possibilities for expansion are endless.

So, what is your website about? Just browse those hundreds of Ebay category niches & come up with a way to relate that niche to your website. If you have trouble doing that, just turn the idea around & make a new website to which you can relate a niche. You are limited only by your imagination . . .

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