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It's Just a Ghost Story,
so Don't let it Scare You

Books by their covers

It was a dark and stormy Halloween night, and the Smith children had lost their way home. Since they were afraid, Mark, Phillip and Kim all held hands; they had always been taught there was strength in numbers.

The wind blew hard, and a streak of jagged lightening showed them they had entered the cemetery. A statue looming over one of the graves seemed to turn its head and look at them strangely. The children screamed and began to run, but clumsy Phillip tripped over a rock--or some old skull, for all they knew!

Mark and Kim ran back to him and helped him up, and then they started running again, tearing through that dreadful boneyard. They came upon an old two-story house; the name on the mailbox said:
B. Mann.

They knocked on the door, but no one answered. They discovered that the door wasn't locked, so they crept silently into the house. Kim switched on the light and they began to feel safe. Then the door leading to the rest of the house creaked open, and in stepped a man with a long scar coursing the length of his face. He bowed low and said:
"I am the bogeyman."

B. Mann!!! (CLICK to see him, & try not to be afraid when you do !!!!)

Having heard all their lives about the wicked bogeyman, the three Smith children screamed and ran back to the cemetery, where they felt safer.
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