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Goose or Gobbler?

Books by their covers

Because it was Thanksgiving morning, the Standish children--Mark, Phillip, and Kim--
went with their mother to the store to buy a turkey. The wind gusted up leaves of yellow, orange and red, and then dropped them back on the ground, a multicolored carpet for all to enjoy.

Kim hollered out that she wanted to buy goose for dinner. Phillip and Miles said that was crazy: nobody wanted to eat goose on Thanksgiving.

Because she was so hungry for goose, Kim's eyes began to tear up. Her mother told her she could have a lollipop if she would please stop crying.

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Kim's mother pushed her in the shopping cart while Kim enjoyed her lolly. Because it was a good lollipop, Kim didn't even let out much more than a little whimper when her mother selected the twenty-pound turkey. Mom hefted the frozen bird into the cart, right behind where Kim sat. Kim decided that since they only had turkey twice each year, maybe it wouldn't be so bad; besides, she liked turkey anyway, just not as much as she liked goose.

So everyone ate turkey for dinner. Kim ate just enough--not too much and not too little--and she was able to go run and play right after dinner. Phillip was so full of turkey, he had to let out his belt three notches! Miles, the eldest of the children, ate more turkey than anyone else. They had to cart him in a wheel-barrow to his room and hoist him up onto the bed. Miles and Phillip said they hoped next year they would have goose for Thanksgiving dinner . . . instead of turkey.
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