Personal Crohn's Disease Breakthrough

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Brief background:

I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease around 1985,
so I've had a lot of experience with it. Except for a year of
remission due to Remicade infusions (which ultimately became
ineffective for me), I've lived from Crohn's disease flare-up to
Crohn's disease flare-up, and it hasn't been much fun. Toss in an
ileostomy in 1992 when I was thirty, and it's been a regular Mardi Gras.
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My treatment consists of Azathioprine & Prednisone, a steroid.
When I have a flare-up or detect one coming on, I take 40mg of the Prednisone
daily; once the flare-up is over, I reduce my Prednisone by 5mg every
three days until I get down to what I call my "running count" of 20mg.
Sometimes, when I have been doing well on 20mg, my doctor encourages me to
reduce my Prednisone below 20mg; this always leads to another flare-up.

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Heal thyself:

Puzzled by these flare-ups that have kept me down, recently I
decided to keep a closer eye on what I am eating, to discover if my diet might
be the problem. I found three possible culprits:


Fried foods


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It's tough to cut these out of one's diet, especially milk,
because you might be surprised what food items contain milk; for instance,
I found that my Kroger-brand roasted peanuts, which I love, "may contain milk."
Rats! Oh well, a man has to do what a man has to do . . .

I haven't been so heroic as to remove completely these three
items from my diet, but I have greatly reduced all of them; for example,
instead of having a dozen chocolate donuts, I limit myself to eleven.
Just kidding; I'm really reducing all three; and if I'm having, say,
fried chips, I do not eat ones covered in cheese dust because I don't want
to combine any of the three in a single meal.

Personal Crohn's Disease Breakthrough image


I've been doing well on this new diet and have not been getting
those dreaded and familiar pains after lunch and for the remainder of
the day. I pray for full remission; and if I wind up having to cut these three
items completely from my diet, I'll try that, too. I'm not a doctor; I'm just
sharing my experience with you and hope you have the same luck with it as
I have had. Wish me luck in my battle with Crohn's disease, and I'll wish you the same.

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