Notice these things when buying a house

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Large master bathroom?

Though people are moving away from this, it's still nice for the occupant. Walk-in closets at both ends of the bathtub (known in the design game as a "Hollywood" bath) can be deceptively small.

The entry

Notice these things when buying a house image

Be sure it's not closet-sized and that it's one you can decorate invitingly (for this will be key in selling in the future). Note, especially, the condition of the tile, if tile is present.

Bedroom closets

Roomy ones are always a nice plus. Many people place their dressers inside big closets. This gives you more space in your bedroom.


Let there be plenty of it throughout the house.

The linear equation

Look for fine lines in walls which might indicate foundation problems.


Notice these things when buying a house image

Go into the garage and look for moisture signs where the top of the foundation meets the inside floor level. You don't want leaks beneath your floor -- well, do you? Man, I don't.

Previous owners

Turn on any water faucet you like (in a sink, tub, shower, etc.) and get an idea of how minor maintenance has been taken care of by the current owner. If he hasn't attended to leaking or tough-to-turn-off faucets, he probably hasn't taken care of much else either.

Kitchen pantry

Big ones with lots of space and places to hang and store food and doodads are nice.

An island in your kitchen?

Notice these things when buying a house image

You will be here for a while, and you may just get the sinking feeling you are forever "walking around" this island that's ensconced in the middle of your kitchen. Maybe an island on wheels, which you can relocate any time you choose, is a more practical idea for your needs.


Notice these things when buying a house image

Your yard can be a huge job to take care of. I'm not just talking about the mowing; I'm talking about the trees, the shrubs, the driveways, the fencing -- all the things that make up the great outdoors. Make sure all these things are something you are going to be able to keep control of, or that you can afford to have someone else take care of them for you.

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