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My bathroom makeover

3 "before" views:

The difficulty level of this task can't be that difficult, because I am not a handy fellow at all (but I more than make up for that in the looks department, trust me).

I needed to paint the bathroom, tile the nappy,
burlappy floor with peel & stick tile & re-seat the wobbly toilet (which
was more like a rocking chair than a toilet on which to relax, I can assure you)
on a new wax ring.

My bathroom makeover image

First I plugged any holes in the walls,
chipped away and/or sanded any rough spots to get my walls ready to
accept paint. Did the ceiling first, then the walls & trim,
using two coats like a pro. The colors I chose were Dapper tan
for the walls & Oyster shell for the trim (both Glidden from
Home Depot). The paint job turned out silky smooth, as I taped off
everything for a sharp job. Note that I used plain old masking tape instead of
the fancy "painters" tape, which I later heated with a hair dryer as I removed it,
& that worked perfectly well.

Then I took up the toilet so I could tile around its
hole using 1-foot tiles. These were a sticky mess to use but looked
great when the job was completed.

Re-seating the toilet was the toughest part of the job,
as the toilet was just a hair heavy for me to handle adeptly in
close quarters; also; the little bolts you place it over are just
"floating" there & tough to locate as you try to center the toilet over them.

Then I caulked around the perimeter of the tile &
puttied around the toilet. My new floor was now pretty messy with
remnant putty, caulk, grease, etc., and the tiles were hard to clean.
My solution was too sprinkle foot powder over them, move the powder
around with a clean paint brush over the individual tiles, which made
all the muck remnants much easier to clean up with standard spray
cleaner & paper towels.

Time it took: about a week, but nowhere near that many
hours, as I only gave the project a bit of my time per day.

It turned out great-looking after I accented with orange
towels & an old French painting I had hanging around elsewhere; I just wish my
lousy camera did it justice in the before & after pix I provide you below (the last of which gives you the truest idea of how the colors look).


Gallon Glidden Dapper tan paint: 27.50
Gallon Glidden Oyster shell paint: 27.50
Pearl gray tile: 32.40
Wax ring: 2.95 Towels: 18.50
Woof filler: 4.67
Putty: 1.97
Total: 115.49 (and I have plenty of this material left over for my next project: a downstairs bath; & will the choir join me in singing "Woohoo! another bath . . .")?

My bathroom makeover image

2 "after" views:

Notice these things when buying a house
Notice these things when buying a house

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