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Annoying words and phrases

I know people don't mean to annoy me, even bore me,
with their bad grammar, unfortunate syntax, poor
spelling, mixed metaphors, dangling participles &
what have you; but frankly, they begin to. Read along &
see if you are sick of any of these clunkers being
made cliches by their overuse.

"Step up"

This is where someone, usually some sports figure, will, during this game only, actually do what he's paid to do in the first place, and we're all supposed to feel he has slayed a dragon or something like that.


In reference to some sports stadium; for instance, "Trainer Hiram Stinkwell sure has hosed out a lot of jockstraps in this storied colliseum."


Just shoot me the next time someone turns this perfectly good noun into a cringe-inducing verb, as in: "Don't disrespect me."


in referring to some sports field

"At the end of the day"

Please leave this one at the office - just not at my office, if you please.

"Harm's way"

Good lord, whatever this abstract-made-concrete word harm means, please give it wide berth, plenty of leeway, lots of elbow room. Just do not get in its path!

"Nother level"

Often achieved in a "storied house" (see above); for instance, when some ballplayer is "Gonna take things to a whole nother level," instead of being his usual mediocre self.


This usually has to do with how some sports figure comports himself while locomoting somewhere on some sports field. It's not clear if said player has to take things to a whole nother level before he's allowed to locomote this way (see above.)


Count how many times former Dallas Cowboys Darryl Moose Johnston says this, or one of its derivatives, in a game he's announcing. Sometimes he waxes lyrical with, for instance, something like this, and I paraphrase: "It was very opportunistic of that young man to take advantage of that opportunity because opportunities like that don't come around very often in this league." Seriously, if you count them, you might have more points than your favorite team by halftime.


As in: "Barbara Walters landing the exclusive interview with Ice Bucket was a great get!," after which we are supposed to get all jazzed up about hearing this dunce Q & A'd.

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