Anatomy of a Scarecrow:

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**Count the parts of the human body as you read along.**

Mark, Phillip, and Kim rode the train to their uncle's farm. The train left them off at the depot downtown, so they went the rest of the way by **foot**; it wasn't far.

Kim was first to see the farm house, and she shouted out "There it is!"

Uncle Joe gave them a ride on his tractor. What fun!

He then showed them where he had planted **heads** of lettuce. Then he showed them all the **ears** of corn planted in neat rows. Next he took them to his potato patch and showed them the **eyes** on the potatoes.

At lunch uncle Joe fed them **leg** of lamb, **finger** sandwiches, and pigs' **feet**. Still not full after all of that, they fattened themselves up on steaming **kidney** pie.

After lunch Mark wanted to play cards, so the kids played a **hand** of 'Go Fish.' Then uncle Joe took them in his truck to see the scarecrow out in the field. The scarecrow had a head of lettuce, ears of corn, potato eyes . . .
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